Bill Windsor of Lawless America puts Claudine Dombrowski and the American Mothers Political Party out of the stalking and threat business

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Bill Windsor of Lawless America puts Claudine Dombrowski and the American Mothers Political Party out of the stalking and threat business.

I haven’t wanted to telegraph my visit to the Shawnee County Courthouse in Topeka Kansas today. Today was the trial of Claudine Dombrowski on stalking charges. Case 13D-1747.

Claudine Dombrowski has been ordered to post nothing about me and remove all postings in regard to me. I doubt that Claudine Dombrowski can comply with the order, so I believe she is destined for criminal charges and contempt charges.

If she has a weapon, I believe she is restricted and may lose it. She could also be prosecuted for interstate travel to commit stalking or violence and interstate stalking.

There was another Claudine Dombrowski victim at the trial, and she is even happier than I am. Others will likely be following with actions similar to mine.

Since Claudine Dombrowski IS the American Mothers Political Party, it seems to me that their Facebook pages and web pages will have to disappear. I hereby advise them to make copies of everything they remove as these are subject to subpoena in both civil and criminal matters that are pending. All the Muthas must heed this requirement, or they could be found guilty of the crime of destroying evidence.  See the LEGAL NOTICE TO ALL STALKERS, CYBERSTALKERS, AND ANYONE WHO HAS EVER POSTED ANYTHING ABOUT ME.

Claudine Dombrowski has been effectively muzzled by Shawnee County Kansas Judge C. William Ossmann. Claudine Dombrowski and her so-called American Mothers Political Party can no longer post anything about Bill Windsor; must remove ALL postings online about Bill Windsor; must not follow, harass, telephone, contact, post online, or otherwise communicate with Bill Windsor; must not abuse, molest, or interfere with Bill Windsor’s privacy rights; must not contact Bill Windsor directly or indirectly; must not enter or come on or around the premises, residence, workplace where Bill Windsor resides, stays, or works (to include anywhere that Bill Windsor films); must comply with Kansas law regarding possession of weapons by one who has been found to have committed stalking; and must comply with federal firearm restrictions.

Judge Ossmann stated in the order that violation of the order could result in the order being extended for up to the lifetime of Claudine Dombrowski!  I’d put the odds of that at about 90%.

By the way, this order states that it is effective as of the date and time filed — September 12, 2013 at 2:30 pm. So, if anyone sees anything negative posted about me by anyone or any site — or any use of my name whatsoever by anyone with the American Mothers Political Party, please send me screen shots as every use will be a violation of the court order and should be considered a crime.

William M. Windsor
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