Cyberstalker Claudine Dombrowski’s “homes” in Topeka Kansas

Kansas-Wichita-Claudine-Dombrowski-Lawless-America-Movie-2012-10-30 293-cropped-640w

Cyberstalker Claudine Dombrowski‘s “homes” in Topeka Kansas.

Claudine Dombrowski doesn’t want her address known.  Claudine Dombrowski claims it is because she is a battered mother.  I don’t know if that’s true.  What I do know is that by hiding, the police and the courts haven’t been able to find Claudine Dombrowski.

This was identified as a problem at both the Topeka Police Department and the Shawnee County Courthouse.  So, I made special arrangements to obtain photography from each address that Spokeo has for Claudine Dombrowski.  And here they are.

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